Leonardo's smile

Helping children in need

No child should live alone.

Established in 1987, the SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam is committed to providing a loving home for orphaned and abandoned children, helping them to build an independent and meaningful future and contribute positively to the community. It currently has 17 branches across Vietnam.

Since its inception, the SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam has received almost 6,000 orphans and underprivileged kids. About 2,600 of them have grown up, become independent and are living on their own.

Oftentimes, we don’t recognise how a small act of generosity can change the course of someone’s life. With as little as VND300,000 (or SGD17) per month, you can help provide food, shelter, and education for an orphan in one of the 17 SOS villages across Vietnam.

Below is a table that summaries the donations we have received up to now.

Contributions Amount [SGD]
Donations after Leonardo’s wake $11,830
Donation by Enrico $5,000
Donation received in December 2020 $3,746
Donation received in January 2021 $1,632
Donation received in February 2021 $285
Donation received in March 2021 $2,308
Donation received in April 2021 $115
Donation received in May 2021 $1,270
Donation received in October 2021 $615
Donation received in December 2021 $148
Donation received in March 2022 $1647
Donation received in October 2022 $415
Total $29,012

Since November 2020, we started donating VND3,000,000 (or SGD170) per month to support 10 families in two villages, in Hanoi and Phu Tho province. From January 2021, thanks to a long-term commitment from a friend, we also started making an additional VND2,000,000 (or SDG115 per month to support a family in Thanh Hoa village. A one-time donation of VND26,000,000 (or SGD1,500) and VND8,600,000 (or SGD500) was sent to those villages for buying new clothes and food for the children for the Lunar New Year 2021.

To learn more about the SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam, please visit its website (for English, please visit this page) or Facebook page. To keep updated with our contributions, please look for “Leonardo Massa Vu” (Code CG17296) and “Leonardo’s Smile” (Code CG18181) in this list of sponsors.