Leonardo's smile

Celebrating while grieving

March was a special month for us as it marked the first year of Leonardo’s birth (It was Pinky’s birth month too!). It was arguably a very tough month for us, knowing that he would never be able to taste his own birthday cakes. But we were showered with genuine care and love from families and friends. Flowers, birthday cards, cake, messages, calls, and donations to our charity fund poured in from all over the world.

Everyday, we desperately look for ways to lessen the pain. But it’s like walking in a maze without an outlet.

We are grateful that many of you have joined us in honouring our precious son’s life and supporting children in need. In March alone, Leonardo’s Smile Fund received S$2,308 (or almost VND 40mil).

Thank you for your generosity. We think Leonardo is smiling in heaven.